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My name is Kendall Leary and I am an actress, activist, and dog mom living in Brooklyn, NY. When I'm not acting, you can find me playing piano, kicking butt in my adult softball league, or saying phrases like "Why do the Met's let me down every year?" 

My Story


 This year instead of shoveling potato skins down my throat on Superbowl Sunday, I was diagnosed with MS. Picture that. On my tiny hospital TV, Usher soaked the stage with sweat while on rollerblades as my life imploded. I racked my brain for times I may have confessed to the universe "I'm a mess!" But maybe the universe heard I'm MS? Be specific with your manifestations! I digress.


This blog is for everyone, but especially those who plan on not just living, but kicking ass, in their personal and professional lives. I hope you find this page informative, funny, and helpful. If you are living with MS or have been recently diagnosed then I'm sure you are up to your ears in medical information, advice from family and friends, and your independent research. I hope that this page can make that process easy, hopeful, and even fun. We'll get through this one day at a time, together.

Because the information on this blog is based on my personal experience, it should not be considered professional medical advice. Before going on any diet, supplement, or treatment, or making any lifestyle changes, consult your doctor.  ​


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