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Food for the Nerves - Navigating What to Eat with MS

Updated: Mar 14

If your experience post-diagnosis was anything like mine, surely you received a hodgepodge of contradictory advice on what to eat and how to treat your MS. Your doctor is recommending "once on a DMT, no need to restrict your diet. Go eat, drink, and enjoy your life as normal." Your friend's aunt who has MS is telling you "Don't go on DMTs. I fully treat myself with Wahls Protocol." Or you get those who fall somewhere in the middle. That's me. I listen to my doctor, I listen to my homeopathic friend, but at the end of the day this is my body and I will ultimately do what has the most research done and yields the highest results.

Food and diet have always been the best way to preventatively avoid the risk of any disease. With MS, there is evidence that suggests a high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory diet is going to help with your overall health and give you the best shot at living a long and slightly modified yet normal life. You can imagine that clinical trials are a nightmare when it comes to logistically testing diets as there's no money in it for pharmaceutical companies. And the ones that do get done, are tough to monitor. It isn't easy to tell 40 people to eat a certain way for 6 months and make sure that they are shopping correctly and strictly sticking to it. Because of this, these results can be somewhat anecdotal. With that being said, eating well will make you feel better. I know, hot take! Even if a study on food and diet doesn't necessarily show all the data one would want, it is a fact that improving your gut health will give you the best chance at preventing comorbidity.

My Plan? I am committed to a Modified Mediterranean Diet in conjunction with my Disease Modifying Treatment. Am I perfect at sticking to this? Absolutely not! But I do my best.

With that being said, here is the recorded data on the leading diets often associated with combating MS as per the National MS Society Website:

Source: National MS Society website.

Because the information on this blog is based on my personal experience, it should not be considered professional medical advice. Before going on any diet, supplement, or treatment, or making any lifestyle changes, consult your doctor.  

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