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Welcome friends! My name is Kendall Leary and I am an actress, activist, and dog mom living in Brooklyn, NY. This year on Superbowl Sunday instead of shoveling potato skins down my throat, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Picture that. A rollerblade-wearing Usher soaked the stage with sweat as my life imploded. I racked my brain for times I may have confessed to the universe "I'm a mess!" Maybe the universe heard I'm MS? Be specific with your manifestations! I digress. Like many people diagnosed with MS, this came as an overnight shock. It's a disease that I knew little about. I curled up in a hospital bed and googled Selma Blair and Christina Applegate. I searched for MS bloggers and thought about that one neighbor I knew who had it growing up. But the truth is, every single person who has MS is different, and how each person responds to treatment varies. All I knew? My life was going to change forever. The good news is that modern medicine is incredible when it comes to this disease and with diet and exercise, many people live long and healthy lives. I hope you find this page informative, funny, and helpful. If you are living with MS or have been recently diagnosed then I'm sure you are up to your ears in medical information, advice from family and friends, and your independent research. I hope that this page can make that process easy and even fun. We'll get through this one day at a time, together.

Painting Wall


Our Kendra Scott "MS Awareness Event" was a hit!

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